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About us
We are a Lithuanian recruitment company which assists Scandinavian businesses in their search for employees, providing high-quality services and experts from Lithuania to integrate into the Scandinavian labour market. After listening to the needs of the hiring company, we select qualified jobseekers and reliable specialists. Our focus is on construction companies and their employees, however, we are expanding to other industries as well. Contact us, we’ll be delighted to help you in your quest for seasonal labour or other human resources, happy to be of use to every customer requiring high-quality services.
Becoming a trusted, favourite and recommended recruiting company in Scandinavian countries.
Listening to the needs and expectations of every customer to find highly-qualified personnel meeting the employer’s requirements and creating added value.
ATTENTION TO THE CUSTOMER – We will always prioritize the needs of our customers and are happy to implement their exceptional ideas.
GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS – Only having good, skilled employees we can achieve our elevated goals.
PARTNER TRUST – In pursuit of the integrity and continuity of our activities, it is necessary to build mutual, trust-based relationships with partners.
QUALITY – Quality is important to us in all areas of business: from communication to our services.
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